I have found Urban Hutchins to be invaluable as a contractor. In the course of an extensive renovation, Mr. Hutchins not only
did a fine and competent job, but was reliable, resourceful and an excellent problem solver able to adapt to varying situations.

Mr. Hutchins worked for me for several months. The projects included the gutting and restoration of two bathrooms. This involved some tricky plumbing, electrical work, marble, tile and masonry, painting, and a variety of carpentry projects from the rebuilding of windows and casings to the salvaging of substructures in the one hundred year old building.

I also found Mr. Hutchins particularly insightful and able to anticipate. He seemed to take my problems on personally. The work was completed on deadline. These characteristics saved me time and money. I felt fortunate to find someone of Mr. Hutchins’ knowledge, skills, and standards.

Peter Jacobs

Two Bathrooms